Site Settings

Settings > Site Settings

The settings available from this screen control the basic behaviors, configurations, integrations for your company's instance of TrackIt. During a company's initial setup, special attention is given to these components due to their far-reaching impact throughout both the TrackIt Web Console and TrackIt Android app.

After your company is fully implemented, we recommend that no further changes should be made to these settings. If you want to make alterations, please contact TrackIt Support first. Any change, however small, might negatively impact your instance of TrackIt and render some features unusable or incorrectly alter company data.



Customize hotspot and rollover elements found on dispatch screens.


Define data formats and units of measurement for your company.

Ticket Integration

Configure settings for interfacing with third-party ticketing solutions.

TrackIt Licenses

Allocate licenses for a company based on products and modules purchased.

TrackIt Device Settings

Control data interactions between the server and TrackIt Android.

TrackIt Site Settings

Manage basic setup options for your company such as company name and time zone.

HaulIt Integration

Connect with your company's instance of HaulIt via FTP.

BuildIt Custom Export

Enable and define the behaviors for exporting payroll time cards to BuildIt.


Review the total number of users, equipment, and tracking devices for your company.


Identify supported languages for manually-localized statuses on the TrackIt Android app.