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Depending on geographic locations and hardware configurations, GPS issues can become quite common. This report is intended to illustrate every GPS fixClosedCoordinates for a vehicle's location. These are fetched by TrackIt at regular intervals to map equipment routes over the course of a day. TrackIt receives at regular intervals throughout the day. Should you notice fix gaps during this playback, the GPS Gap report offers additional insight for troubleshooting.

GPS Fixes report

When a GPS fix wasn't provided during each expected interval, the record is highlighted in red with an error messageClosedText messages exchanged between drivers and dispatchers using TrackIt.. These entries will provide a basic explanation of what the cause might be, such as no satellites available. Clicking the More Information More Information icon icon to the right of the error will trigger a dialog windowClosedA pop-up window that requires user input. with additional details.

More Information dialog window

Clicking the Location Details Location Details icon icon next to a successful GPS fix launches a dialog window with the latitude and longitude coordinates. To view a playback of the equipmentClosedAll machines used as a means of production on a construction site or at a batch plant.'s GPS fixes, click the Map Map icon icon from this window.