What's New in 2021

What's the difference between Enhancements and Corrections?

Enhancements are newly-implemented features intended to increase end-user productivity. Corrections are improvements upon unexpected product behaviors for a more fluid and productive user experience.

v3.0.59 (3/2/2021)



Batch Averages added to Batch Summary report (CA-512)

The Batch Summary report now includes an Averages section above the ticket batch data for COMMANDassurance users. The Averages section shows the Slump Loss Rate, Batched W/C Ratio, Temperature Gain Rate, etc. This new section will help users adjust batching when a previous day's climate is similar to the current climate. Users can also run the report to monitor how well the water trim settings are giving accurate slump results.

Updated favicon with Command Alkon logo (FEL-2061)

The TrackIt Web Console favicon has been updated to display the Command Alkon Incorporated logo. This change helps customers identify TrackIt as a Command Alkon Incorporated product while using a web browser.

Drum data rollover fields now visible for DCM trucks (NFS-2384)

Drum data rollover fields on the Equipment Map are now visible for TrackIt Delivery Cycle Monitoring vehicles. These rollover fields will have the prefix Drum instead of Probe. For example, what would previously display as Probe Drum Volume will now be displayed as Drum Volume. Administrators can alter these rollover values in the Hotspot/Map tab on the Site Settings page.

Water Added Report (FEL-2614)

A new Water Added Report was added to the TrackIt Web Console for users of COMMANDassurance and TrackIt Delivery Cycle Monitoring. Users can monitor water added events and the load's water/concrete ratio during the course of a ticket. The report requires water flow meters be installed on vehicles for this report to retrieve data.

Status questions and status changes more accurately reported (FEL-2660)

Status change and status question data retrieved from TrackIt Android will now have more accurate timestamps when reported to the TrackIt Web Console. When TrackIt Android is in the background of a tablet, status changes will still occur correctly and be reported at the actual status change time. Additionally, a Status Question sent with a status change will be displayed the next time TrackIt Android is in the foreground. An unanswered status question in the background will not prevent a status change from occurring or reporting at the correct time. As before, status change and status question timestamps are reported on the Daily Breakdown report.


Canadian postal codes not populating (NFS-2520)

Corrected behavior:

MapIt now correctly populates Canadian postal codes when users employ the Address Lookup feature. The TrackIt Web Console Equipment Map and MapIt Look Up feature now operates as expected.

Previous behavior:

In MapIt, Canadian postal codes were not fully populating when the Address Lookup feature was used. This affected the Equipment Map in the TrackIt Web Console.

MapIt address fields not populating correctly (NFS-2521)

Corrected behavior:

The Look Up feature in MapIt correctly populates the address field when used. The Equipment Map and MapIt Look Up feature now operates as expected.

Previous behavior:

Using the Look Up feature to populate the Address field in MapIt would not consistently fill in the expected fields. The Equipment Map in the TrackIt Web Consolewas affected.

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