What's New in 2021

What's the difference between Enhancements and Corrections?

Enhancements are newly-implemented features intended to increase end-user productivity. Corrections are improvements upon unexpected product behaviors for a more fluid and productive user experience.

v14.4.64 (3/2/2021)




The following items are newly-implemented features intended to increase end-user productivity throughout TrackIt.

TrackIt Android app icon updated (FEL-2061)

The app icon for TrackIt Android has been updated for identification on devices. The new icon will help customers more readily associate TrackIt Android as a Command Alkon Incorporated product.

Status questions and status changes more accurately reported (FEL-2660)

When TrackIt Android is in the background of a tablet, status changes will still occur correctly and be reported at the actual status change time. Additionally, a Status Question sent with a status change will be displayed the next time TrackIt Android is in the foreground. An unanswered status question in the background will not prevent a status change from occurring or reporting at the correct time. As before, status change and status question timestamps are reported on the Daily Breakdown report.

Water Meter Installed setting in app settings (FEL-2661)

TrackIt Delivery Cycle Monitoring users can now indicate from TrackIt Android whether or not a vehicle has a water meter installed. After navigating to Sensors Setup from the Settings menu, tap the Water Meter Installed check box as part of your setup and tap SUBMIT when all data is input correctly. This page is only available to customers with either COMMANDassurance or TrackIt Delivery Cycle Monitoring licenses.

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