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Installation Checklist

Installation checklist

Review the following to ensure you have completed the installation properly.

The Sensor Link is installed in the truckClosedAll machines used as a means of production on a construction site or at a batch plant.'s cabin, is receiving power, and is properly connected to the other hardware components.

The Drum Rotation Sensor is installed and connected to the Sensor Link.

The Drum Rotation Sensor is securely mounted to the supplied bracket and is within the ideal range of distance from the magnets.

The Drum Rotation Sensor lights are operating as expected.

(Optional) The water flowmeter is installed inline with the drum feed and connected to the Sensor Link.

The tablet installed and mounted in the truck's cabin has been licensed for TrackIt Delivery Cycle Monitoring

The tablet has been connected and configured with the Sensor Link via TrackIt Android.

The DCM Health alertClosedA software-generated message or warning triggered by vehicle data. is active and reports receive data after tickets are assigned.


Congratulations! You have completed the installation for TrackIt Delivery Cycle Monitoring. If you have any questions or concerns, contact TrackIt Customer Support at trackitsupport@commandalkon.com or (800) 624-1872, Option 2 then Option 9.