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TrackIt Delivery Cycle Monitoring Hardware Installation

DRS setupTrackIt Delivery Cycle Monitoring is a hardware and software configuration setup used on concreteClosedA mixture of water, sand, cement, rock, and sometimes additives. trucksClosedAll machines used as a means of production on a construction site or at a batch plant. to gauge drum rotation speeds and direction. Installation of the sensors occurs around the flange of the hydrostatic transmission for the drum. The hardware is then configured using the TrackIt Web Console and TrackIt Android apps. Upon successful setup, the rotation speed and direction of the drum may be tracked, logged, and adjusted via TrackIt.

The following is an outline of the steps required to complete the hardware installation:

  1. Meet the hardware and software requirements
  2. Install the Sensor Link
  3. Install the Drum Rotation Sensor and magnet assembly
  4. Install the Water Flowmeter (optional)