Install the AINA PTT VR Pair the AINA PTT VR

AINA PTT Voice Responder Installation Guide

The AINA PTT Voice Responder is the Bluetooth radio distributed to Command Alkon Incorporated customers to pair with the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2. The mount for the radio is compatible with the Gamber-Johnson dock supplied with the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2. The steps for attaching the radio and mount to the Gamber-Johnson dock are:

  1. Check and gather the required components
  2. Secure the radio bracket and radio to the tablet dock
  3. Attach and pair the radio to the tablet

Checking & gathering the required components

Ensure the following components are included with the radio unit.

A handheld bluetooth touch-to-talk radio



AINA PTT Voice Responder
  • Bluetooth speaker-microphone
  • Push-to-talk (PTT) controls
  • Connects to a tablet and PTT apps
Cradle for the handheld radio with a cord to USB



Docking station connector

  • Cradle and charger for the radio
  • Connects to a tablet via USB
Metal bracket with holes for attaching to dock and radio




  • Joins the dock and radio


Misc. components

Lanyard for connecting the radio cradle and radio Lanyard
Four screws Screws

Required tool

  • Phillips screwdriver or power screwdriver

Securing the radio bracket and radio to the tablet dock

If you have already installed the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 dock and mount in a vehicleClosedAll machines used as a means of production on a construction site or at a batch plant., this step will require you to detach the dock from the mount to install the bracket for the radio to the dock. If you have not already attached the dock to the mount, please complete this installation before completing the rest of the steps in the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 installation.

Step 1

Metal bracket overlaying back of tablet dock

Line up the bracket and dock to allow the screw-in points to be visible. The arm of the bracket should reach over the top of the tablet dock.

Step 2

Mount attached to dock with bracket in between

Now that the bracket is lined up, secure the mount to the dock with the bracket in between. Ensure the mount is attached diagonally.

Step 3

Fastening the radio cradle to top of bracket

Using the screws included with the installation kit, fasten the radio cradle to the top of the bracket.

Step 4

Cradle USB connected to dock USB port

Connect the cradle's USB cord to the tablet dock's USB port located on the right side.

Step 5

Cradle with lanyard attached

With the cradle installed, link the key ring end of the lanyard to the cradle.

Step 6

Cradle and radio with both ends of lanyard attached

Complete the linking of the cradle and radio by hooking the other end of the lanyard to the top of the radio.

Step 7

Sliding the radio into the radio cradle

Finally, insert the radio into the cradle by sliding the back of the radio down into the dock.

Step 8

Complete installation of radio to dock

With the radio installed, the tablet dock will look like the picture above.


After installing the AINA PTT Voice Responder, you are ready to pair the radio with a tablet with TrackIt Android.